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At the patent law firm of Robert Plotkin, P.C., our intellectual property lawyer serving the Bay Area creates, maintains, expands, defends and enforces international patent portfolios for leading corporations in Silicon Valley and worldwide. We act as a member of your team by crafting an individualized patent portfolio strategy that is aligned with your business goals. Our expertise in the patent process enables us to obtain strong and defensible patents quickly and efficiently, and to help you decide how to best allocate your resources to focus on patents that provide the maximum return on investment.

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Experienced Representation for U.S. and Foreign Businesses

  • Preparing and filing provisional patent applications and nonprovisional patent applications in the U.S. for computer hardware, software, and Internet technology.
  • Preparing and filing PCT (international) and foreign patent applications in Europe, Japan, China, Korea, India, and other countries.
  • Performing patentability, state of the art, infringement, validity, and clearance searches.
  • Providing support for litigation involving computer hardware, software, and Internet patents.

If your company develops innovative products and services, particularly in the software and Internet industries, you can rely on Robert Plotkin, P.C., to successfully manage all of your patent portfolio needs. Contact us today for an initial meeting and evaluation of your patent portfolio by clicking here or continue browsing our website for more information.