Benefits of Our Patent Process

Our patent process is fundamentally different than that of most law firms. An analogy would be to the way in which an artist creates a statue: most say that they have a vision of the finished statue and then “release it” from the stone. In contrast, many companies lack the vision of their finished portfolio of patents, and therefore do not file for patents which would complete their “statue” and do file patents which are not within the scope of the patent portfolio “statue.” We work with our clients to flesh-out the outline of the finished “statue” and then design a patent roadmap to protect the entire scope of work. Peter Griffiths, CEO and co-founder of Scrawl, Inc., states that, “Robert was responsive to our business goals and to our budget by staging his firm’s services to provide the maximum return on investment as quickly as possible. With his expert assistance we were able to obtain a key patent quickly, despite a difficult patent examiner.” For more, see our client successes.

Benefits of Our Patent Process

The benefits of our patent process include:

  • Looking at every patent as a valuable asset that should maximize your return on investment and be profitable for your company in the long-term.
  • Being selective in advising you on which patents to pursue. Although it is fairly easy to file a patent application, obtaining the grant of a patent — which is the only result that makes filing the patent application a worthwhile investment — can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Our firm focuses on the strategic value and quality of your patents — not the quantity.
  • Ensuring your patents will withstand competitive threats.
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for patent consultants, by integrating long-term patent portfolio planning, execution, management, and enforcement into our services.

According to Vincent Giuliano, M.D., CEO, Vincon Research Enterprises & Affiliates, “The firm works very efficiently to produce high-quality patent applications which sail through the Patent Office — the firm obtained our most recent patent for us in just over one year.”

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