Change of Counsel

Are you sure that your patent portfolio effectively protects all of your company’s core products and services against your competition?

Your existing patent portfolio may have holes and inaccuracies that leave you susceptible to infringement by your competitors. This may be because your existing law firm did not grow and maintain your patent portfolio as your business strategy changed or did not completely understand your technology, in particular if that technology includes software or is otherwise computer-related. This can create significant gaps in the legal protection that your patent portfolio provides, some of which may be difficult or impossible to fill. If your patent portfolio has such gaps, it is critical for you to address them quickly, both to avoid missing legal deadlines and so that your competitors will not have time to take advantage of any weaknesses in your portfolio.


Why Make the Switch to Robert Plotkin, P.C.?

When a well-known global software company was having difficulty with its existing patent law firm, it “…transferred a portfolio of complex software patent applications to Robert Plotkin, P.C., after having difficulty working with another firm that did not have sufficient experience with software patents to work effectively with us.” The company found that, “Attorney Plotkin quickly grasped our technology and provided us with critical strategic and tactical guidance to enable us to obtain patents for all of the applications we had filed.” The company now “…can recommend Robert Plotkin, P.C., to any company needing a patent law firm with expertise in software patents.” For more, see our client successes.

Our firm provides expertise in growing patent portfolios based on our clients’ business goals, particularly for software and computer technologies, thereby ensuring each patent in the portfolio is crafted to maximize business value and to clearly and accurately reflect the patented technology so that each patent is as strong and defensible as possible. For our existing clients we use our unique process for growing patent portfolios to avoid creating harmful gaps in protection from the outset, while for new clients we fix any problems in their existing portfolios and then set a course for growing those portfolios. All of our clients benefit from our legal and technical expertise, and from the fact that we communicate with them every step of the way so that they always have clear and current visibility into what we are doing to strengthen and enforce their patent rights.

When one of our clients began to encounter roadblocks with its current patent firm, they turned to us. According to Rick Rice, Director, Sales and Marketing, of Plant Health Care, Inc., “When the Bilski decision was announced [by the U.S. Supreme Court], the attorney [at another law firm] who was in the process of preparing our patent filing essentially said that all was lost, with no need to continue pursuit of patent protection…[After transferring the patent application to Robert Plotkin, P.C., Attorney Plotkin] coached us through the nuances of the decision, explained why he was confident that our application could be successful, he took on management of the process, and we received a patent that another highly competent and successful patent firm didn’t believe possible.”


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