National Patent Portfolio Management Attorney

Have you been filing patents only in the U.S.? Do you realize that your U.S. patents are only enforceable in the U.S. and that this leaves your competitors free to copy your products and services anywhere else in the world?

At the law office of Robert Plotkin, P.C., our national patent portfolio management lawyer works proactively to avoid such pitfalls for our clients by applying a strategic approach to our patent portfolio services. We will tailor a plan that fits your business goals while growing and enhancing your patent portfolio in all markets where you conduct business.


Developing Strategic Plans for Efficient Growth

We will:

  • Identify which of your products are most important for your business to patent and then obtain strong, broad, and defensible patents on those products worldwide.
  • Help maintain your existing patents and expand the protection provided by those patents to ensure that your company receives the full benefit of legal protection for all of your products.
  • Ensure your patent portfolio provides the greatest return on investment possible, by developing a portfolio that adapts over time to accommodate future changes and growth in your business.

The patent portfolio approach is essential to protect all aspects of your products. You need to patent each component of a product separately to ensure protection against infringement from competitors who sell only individual components but not the entire product. In addition, it is critical to obtain patents on ways in which the product’s components interact with each other, and to obtain patents on the interaction of the product with the larger systems that you sell and that your products interoperate with. This is especially true for software, which often can be used in connection with a wide variety of other software and hardware. Only through this comprehensive portfolio-based approach can you ensure that your patents can be used both defensively to protect your company’s technology — today and into the future — and block your competitors from selling products and services which infringe your patents. According to Juergen Fritsch, Chief Scientist of our client, M*Modal, when the company needed to patent a broad base of its technologies worldwide, Robert Plotkin, P.C., “…helped our company to develop an international patent portfolio covering our core technologies in our key markets worldwide. We consider [attorney Robert Plotkin] to be a part of our team.” For more, see our client successes.

At the law firm of Robert Plotkin, P.C., we provide ongoing patent services for businesses based in both the U.S. and abroad, in all areas of technology. And because of our expertise in software technology and software patents, we are able to speak the language of our software clients and obtain the broadest, most comprehensive, and defensible software patents. Our firm will provide your business with the speed, efficiency, and personalized service of an in-house patent office, but without the associated overhead.


Contact an IP Counseling Lawyer

Continued growth of your company’s patent portfolio is essential to your business’ success. Contact our Boston patent portfolio management attorney online or call 978-318-9914, toll-free at 877-451-5689, to schedule an appointment. We provide flexible in-person and telephone appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. Each new client receives a complimentary 30-minute consultation.