Boston Intellectual Property Law Attorney Serving Patent Commercialization Companies

As a patent commercialization company, your goal is to maximize the value of the patents in your portfolios to generate maximum profits from those patents. As a practice devoted exclusively to patent law, the law office of Robert Plotkin, P.C., can help you successfully meet that goal. Our Boston intellectual property lawyer works closely with patent commercialization companies to help ensure that their clients are set up for success.


Positioning Clients for Success

If you are a patent commercialization company, you understand the importance of maximizing the value of your patent portfolios. We have significant experience working with leading patent commercialization companies to:

  • Expand on, extend the coverage of, and strengthen the validity of existing patent portfolios
  • Maximize the return on investment in patent portfolios, efficiently and with minimal risk
  • Review and evaluate patent portfolios for potential acquisition
  • Protect those portfolios defensively against attacks in litigation and the Patent Office

No matter how strong an initial patent on an invention is, the initial patent often has gaps and other weaknesses. This is particularly likely if the patent was obtained by an individual inventor or other unsophisticated patent owner. As a result, the subsequent patents that can be obtained on the same invention often can be more broad, thorough, and defensible — and ultimately, profitable — than the original patent. As our client, Steven K. Gold, M.D., serial entrepreneur and professor of entrepreneurship practice at Babson College, attests, Robert Plotkin, P.C., “…assisted my companies in securing valuable patents that have been licensed to more than a dozen major corporations, and Robert continues to actively represent me on various strategic projects.” For more, see our client successes.


Strengthening Existing Patents

Older patents, in particular those related to software, hardware, or Internet technologies, may have inherent weaknesses if they were obtained by generalist patent attorneys lacking expertise in such technologies and in computer-related patents. Our firm can help by:

  • Maximizing the value of patent portfolios on computer-related technology by providing specialized expertise in obtaining patents for hardware, software, and Internet technology
  • Working with patent commercialization companies to strengthen their portfolios for litigation, and minimizing the risk of invalidation in court or the Patent Office
  • Identifying potential weaknesses in patent portfolios and creating unique defenses that may otherwise go unnoticed to protect against those weaknesses.


Contact a Massachusetts Patent Lawyer

If you are a patent commercialization company that needs help securing patents for your clients, speak with us. Contact our Boston intellectual property attorney online or call 978-318-9914, toll-free at 877-451-5689, to schedule an appointment. We provide flexible in-person and telephone appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. Each new client receives a complimentary 30-minute consultation.