Boston Intellectual Property Law Attorney Serving Clients Nationwide

At the law office of Robert Plotkin, P.C., our Boston intellectual property lawyer serves both domestic and foreign businesses. We specialize in providing comprehensive patent services to established companies with existing patent portfolios. In particular, we cater to clients who require full-service attention to their patent portfolios, such as:

  • Creating, growing, maintaining, and enforcing large international patent portfolios through our US team, and our network of top-tier international patent firms
  • Commercializing (e.g. selling and licensing) patent portfolios
  • Defending against patent infringement claims from competitors and patent assertion entities
  • Tracking and paying maintenance fees
  • Creating and implementing ongoing invention disclosure and patent application generation programs


Legal Representation Designed to Meet the Needs of Sophisticated Patent Owners

Our goal is to provide you with an easy, simple, and painless process for managing all of your patent needs. We can act as your external in-house patent department, enabling all of your patent needs to be satisfied efficiently and effectively. We worked with Scrawl Inc. to “develop a strategic plan for protecting our technology with an interrelated set of patent filings to cover our inventions from multiple perspectives and to provide our business with maximum flexibility. [Attorney Plotkin] was responsive to our business goals and to our budget by staging his firm’s services to provide the maximum return on investment as quickly as possible,” according to Peter Griffiths, CEO and co-founder. When you use us as your outside in-house patent department, we will:

  • Take all steps necessary to obtain, maintain, and enforce your company’s patent portfolio with minimal effort on your part
  • Leverage our vast experience to provide comprehensive patent services to you as an experienced patent owner in managing your patent portfolio
  • Provide you with complete confidence that your patent portfolio will be maintained over time in accordance with all legal requirements in every applicable jurisdiction worldwide
  • Communicate everything we do for you electronically, thereby minimizing the burden on you to manage patent-related communications and records
  • Be proactive in taking all steps necessary to protect your patent rights and in keeping you informed every step of the way


Contact a Massachusetts Patent Lawyer

Even the most sophisticated patent owners can benefit from having experienced legal counsel review their portfolios. Contact our Boston intellectual property attorney online Link to Contact Us or call 978-318-9914, toll-free at 877-451-5689, to schedule an appointment. We provide flexible in-person and telephone appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. Each new client receives a complimentary 30-minute consultation