The Patent Process

When it comes to intellectual property strategy and patent prosecution for computer-related technologies, Robert is the best of the best. He is incredibly smart and experienced, highly responsive to his clients, and competitively priced…I can also attest to the fact that Robert is a pleasure to work with.

Steven K. Gold, M.D.

We develop patent portfolios that are aligned with our clients’ long-term business goals and strategies. New clients often come to us because they previously obtained patents that were of little value to their businesses, for example if those patents failed to protect their core technologies or because those patents crumbled when asserted against competitors in court.


A Comprehensive Approach to Patent Portfolios

Many other firms obtain individual patents for their clients on an ad-hoc basis without any overarching strategy, resulting in piecemeal patent portfolios that contain dangerous gaps and do not maximize return on investment. In contrast, our firm applies a holistic, comprehensive, and systematic approach to growing patent portfolios, which is designed to align the patent portfolio with the client’s business goals. Our process ultimately creates a comprehensive patent portfolio, which will protect all of your company’s intellectual property — both now and in the future.


U.S. Attorney Guiding You Through the Process of Obtaining a Patent

The patent process is technical and complex, and requires the assistance of seasoned legal counsel. Contact our Boston intellectual property lawyer online or call 978-318-9914, toll-free at 877-451-5689, to schedule an appointment. We provide flexible in-person and telephone appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. Each new client receives a complimentary 30-minute consultation.