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The Patent Roadmap — A Strategic Patent Plan

The first step in our patent process is to develop a patent roadmap, which is a strategic plan for patent protection. A patent roadmap lays out, clearly and concisely, the steps that need to be taken to protect your technology and business in the long term. When our client, M*Modal, needed a unique and tailored patent strategy, we, “…took the time to understand [M*Modal’s] business and our technology in-depth,” according to M*Modal’s chief scientist, Juergen Fritsch. “As a result, [attorney Plotkin] tailors our patent strategy to our business goals as they evolve, instead of applying a cookie cutter approach.” For more, see our client successes.


Working Closely With Your Company to Determine Your Needs

We work side-by-side with you to develop the patent roadmap, typically by:

  • Meeting with you to discuss your technology, your business plan, and any of your existing intellectual property. We review your technology specifications and business plans, and brainstorm with you on the future of your business and the available legal options. This also encompasses patentability research, where we evaluate your technology and that of your competitors to see which patents make sense, and we advise you as to which patents you should pursue.
  • Drafting a patent roadmap document, which spells out the steps to take over time to protect your current technology and any future technology that is under development.
  • Taking the time to answer your questions, receiving your feedback and making additions or subtractions to the patent roadmap as necessary, while keeping your business people involved and informed so that the roadmap actively supports your business goals.


Executing the Patent Roadmap

Once the patent roadmap is complete, we stand ready to begin executing the steps in the roadmap for you so that you can begin to secure patent protection for your technology and defend yourself against the patents of your competitors. Executing the patent roadmap typically includes:

  • Performing patentability investigations for your inventions to search for and uncover any relevant patents and other “prior art” which might lead us to conclude that your inventions are not patentable or which might cause us to change our strategy for patenting those inventions.
  • Preparing, filing, prosecuting, obtaining, and maintaining patents in the U.S. and abroad on your inventions, sequenced strategically to maximize value to your business.
  • Performing clearance investigations on your products and services to protect against costly and disruptive patent infringement lawsuits by your competitors.

Stephen Herchen, CTO of ZINK Imaging, Inc., stresses that, “Robert has worked closely with me and our company’s engineers over many years to obtain strong and strategically-selected patents on our company’s complex thermal imaging technology.”


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