National Patent Management Attorney

Your patents may cover your company’s products, but do they also cover your competitor’s products? If not, you may be unable to use your patents to stop your competitors from selling competing products.


Tailoring a Strategy to Fit Your Business Needs

Even though you may already have a patent portfolio, it is essential to evaluate and strengthen your existing individual patents within that portfolio over time. Consider insurance as an analogy — you frequently make changes to your personal insurance policies based on changes in your personal circumstances and goals. In a similar way, as your company’s business changes, we can shift the protection provided by your patent portfolio to provide the best coverage for the new direction of the business. Our national patent management lawyer can help you by:

  • Performing a patent gap analysis to uncover and fill any gaps in intellectual property protection that could hurt your business if left unattended.
  • Providing expertise in patents covering software and computer technologies, thereby ensuring each patent in the portfolio is crafted with an understanding of the relationship between the invention and competing technologies that exist today and might exist tomorrow.
  • Navigating the options of expanding an existing patent, applying for a new patent, or finding ways to cover the same invention in different ways to make your legal protection broader and stronger, thereby maximizing the value and benefits to your company.


Contact an IP Portfolio Protection Lawyer

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